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Galaxy S Series

During their February 2019 event, Samsung unveiled a host of new devices set to hit shelves. Continuing their legacy of new-and-improved Galaxy phones, the tech giant released the specs of their newest smartphone- the Samsung Galaxy S10. With 5G capabilities, the world’s first ever Dynamic AMOLED display, new charging features, and a brilliant display, this device is soon to be on everyone’s wishlist.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Repair

One of the S10’s most noteworthy features is its groundbreaking screen and display specs. Within just 6.1 inches of premium glass, the first ever HDR10+-certified smartphone packs a powerful punch in terms of graphics display and color contrast. To enjoy your Samsung Galaxy S10’s display to the fullest extent, be sure you’re prepared for accidental screen damage by protecting your smartphone. While taking precautions is the best way to defend against possible drops and cracks, we are always prepared to help with speedy Samsung Galaxy screen repairs if damage ever occurs.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Water Damage Repair

In addition to a stunning appearance, the Samsung Galaxy S10 also offers a respectable water and dust resistance rating of IP68. While the Galaxy S10 can withstand water of up to 1.5 meters deep for 30 minutes, users should be aware it’s not entirely waterproof. The S10’s design if one of the best, but too much exposure to liquid can cause corrosion of the inner-workings, charging issues, audio issues, and much more. If you suspect liquid damage is the culprit of your smartphone’s issues, we are a reliable Samsung Galaxy S10 water damage repair services.

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ was announced in February 2018, and released in March 2018. It offers a 6.2-inch screen, dual aperture, AR emoji, and so much more. Its crisp sound lets you experience audio brilliance through its pure sound that is 4x more than previous Galaxy phones. The Intelligent Scan now allows you to unlock your device, even when in the dark or bright light.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Screen Repair

The gorgeous HD display is exhibited on its infinity screen where you can use the Iris Scanner and Facial Recognition to unlock your phone instantly and effortlessly. The Intelligent Scan feature now allows you to open your device, even if you’re in the dark or in bright light. If you accidentally drop your phone and your screen shatters disabling you from using these features, contact us for a quick and quality gadget repair. Our team is equipped to fix your device, fast!

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Water Damage

Splish splash! Through its rating, the Galaxy S9+ withstands splashes, spills, and rain, worry-free. However, if you feel your device is not performing optimally due to potential liquid damage, bring it to us. We repair all Samsung S Series.

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